Sep 23, 2009

Market Displays and Gusty Winds don't mix!

So, I was minding my own business, or more exactly, was minding my market stall, sweltering in the hot weather, being thankful for the shade provided by my canopy and enjoying a gentle breeze - and then it started!

The gentle breeze became a gusty wind. Suddenly my canopy was starting to travel, my signs were smashing to the ground, my earring stand (which I had thought was quite solid) wouldn't stay up, and some of my jewellery busts were blowing to the ground - along with my necklaces, as fast as I could pick them up!

So now I have some ear wires well and truly bent out of shape and some sign stands that are only fit for the bin. The only good thing - my weighted table clothes were well and truly tested and they passed with flying colours!

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