Sep 5, 2009

Jewellery with Sound and Texture!

My new Harmony Necklace, made in sterling silver, incorporates both sound and texture.

The sound made by the necklace is thanks to a beautiful Bali Harmony Ball that forms the main feature of the necklace. I bought three harmony balls in a Bali group buy a while ago and have just been waiting for the perfect piece on which to use one of them. As I was making the chain of this necklace I realised that my largest harmony ball would fit right in with the chain design.

For the chain itself I wanted to create some texture. I had made wire wrapped beads before using silver toned wire and decided it was time to make some in sterling. These beads are wrapped three times, each time the core just wrapped then itself becoming the "wrap" for the next core - so, as you can imagine, a very time consuming process to make a relatively small bead.

I decided to team the wire wrapped bead links with links incorporating the 'herringbone' weave. This is a weave that works around a central bead. I decided to use some bluestone beads with their silver glitter.

Finally, to add a totally different texture, I used some Swarovski crystal pearls in silver, thus bringing a lovely satin smooth texture to the chain.

I went for a longer length on the necklace, although, as each of the links are joined with jump rings, this can easily be adjusted.

So there it is, my Harmony Necklace, a necklace that can be worn just as easily with jeans as with your best 'night on the town' outfit.

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