Sep 6, 2009

Re-arranging the Store

One of the new features on Etsy is that you can now arrange the items in your store any way you want. Previously all the items were shown in order listed. Now initially I wondered what the point was and couldn't understand why everyone was so excited about the idea. After all, we can have sections in our store and when people click on these then they will see everything of the same style (or whatever) together anyway.

However, I decided to have a play and decided that since I had the sections to link types of jewellery, I would use the re-arranging function to group colours together. So for the moment that is what I have done.

Trouble is, having done that it occurred to me that previous customers and visitors may make visits to my store to see what is new, and whereas the newer items were also listed first in the shop now they won't be.

So what do you think - Please - I would love comments on this:

  1. Do you like my store arranged by colour?
  2. Do you check stores to see what are the most recent listings - and if so, will the re-arrange function hinder that?


GrandmaMarilyns said...

I hadn't thought about that. So, I go to your shop to see what is going on. I am given the choice in a dropdown menu of custom (rearrange), newest,oldest, highest price, and lowest price. I think the rearrange option will be just fine. They still have the other option there for them, too.

East Of Eden Gems said...

I think that I'd be tempted to always change the custom menu to 'newest' before looking at the store. Firstly for finding new items, but mostly because the items seem to 'pop' more with different colours side by side.
Items sorted by colour would really save time if you were doing focused shopping though.
So mixed feelings.
Shame there isn't a 'sort by colour' option on the dropdown menu really.

Kitty said...

wow, I have an etsy store and some how I didn't know this. I guess I will have to play too. thanks for sharing.


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