Sep 21, 2009

Monday Features

My first feature this week is one of my Brisbane beading buddies - Sandee of Ssandeelee.

Sandee was very much a wireworker when I first met her, but this has been changing over the last few months as she has delved head first into the world of seedies. I am proud to own my very own piece of Sandee's seed work in the form of a cute seeded handbag charm.

Sandee's work is now a great mixture of both wirework and seed bead work and she comes up with some fabulous designs. She states that inspiration comes from all around, but her main inspiration is vintage style - with a twist!! Sandee loves sparkle and most of her pieces use swarovski crystals - She partners them with vintage metals - her favourite being brass.

Having been teaching beading for over a year now at a local bead shop Sandee has written a number of tutorials to accompany her classes, many of which, having been successfully tried and tested, are now available for on-line purchase.

My second feature this week is a fellow Duster and the creator of my customised bunting - Karen of MooBeeTees.

Karen, a mum of two, felt the need to get back in touch with her creative roots. She has always loved sewing, both embroidery and machine work, and loves to create for her children. Karen also believes in having fun with craft and using her imagination to make little people smile.

MooBeeTees is a place where you can find, not too suprisingly, tees, among other things - all of the designs come from the imagination of Karen and her children. All of Karen's tees have been road tested by small people with imaginative ways of playing - and by their long suffering mums!

As well as the tees and bunting, Karen also has a great range of pony/hair ties so go check them out!

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ssandeelee said...

Thank you for the kind words :)


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