Sep 13, 2009

Production of a Different Kind - 1

As well as being a Jewellery Designer, I am also a dog breeder. I have never done this in any huge way, usually just one litter every year or two, but I have been doing it now for several years and my current dogs are generations 6 and 7 working forward from the first dog I bred from.

Well, I am now working on generation 8. Jasmine, my youngest (and my generation 7 dog) has actually already had one litter but I didn't keep one that time. Well, now I'm hoping she's going to have another - and if she has a female I'll be keeping it. So, over the next few weeks I'll do regular updates on progress.

I took Jasmine to the stud dog yesterday, a nice drive into the country with the other dogs along to keep Jasmine company. Well, the studs were very interested and kept trying to mount but we just weren't getting anywhere. After testing Jasmine with the ovulation kit we decided that it was just slightly too early. So back for another try tomorrow!

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