Oct 25, 2009

Fused Cab and Sterling Earrings

With a bunch of cabs from Guru Creations still to use I managed to find a couple that were a near match so decided to go for earrings this time. Earrings are also a great way to use up the offcuts of wire from my bangles and pendants.

I used twisted wire to outline the cabs and then some more wire to shape in front of the cabs securing them in place. I then rolled the wire over all around the top of each cab. Jump rings were then used to secure the cabs to some hand shaped ear wires.


Val Zdero said...

Beautiful earrings - the wire wrapping is lovely - love the cracked marbles in their little baskets - I have just learnt how to wire wrap baskets and have made a few pendants - these are all gone, friends helped themselves to the pendants LOL

Twinkle Star Art said...

It's like you've wrapped up two little galaxies into a gorgeous pair of earrings. They're beautiful!


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