Oct 26, 2009

Monday Feature

My feature this week is another member of the BrisStyle team - Daneve of Chicuff.

A fun and outgoing individual, Daneve was born into a very creative family and gives that as the reason why she has a strong interest in Arts and exploring various creative concepts. Having traveled from one end of the world to the other before settling down, Daneve describes herself as a person who is always doing something with her hands.

Having used her crafting abilities to create many different styles over the years, Daneve recently decided she wanted to try and base her craft on something that was new and innovative. Exploring the popular concept of recycling Daneve came up with the idea of using Environmentally Friendly, Non-Woven material bags and transforming them into wearable art... and so Chicuff was born. Daneve's designs are ever-increasing and she hopes to keep broadening her designs to cover a larger cross section of people...

The stand out items in Chicuff are the wonderful fascinators but there are also a great range of hair ornaments, cuffs, rings, brooches and wallets - so go check them out - they are well worth a second glance!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the write up...you rock..


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