Oct 24, 2009

Sterling and Ocean Jasper Wired Pendant

Been in Adelaide for a business trip this week hence the reason I'm a couple of blogs short but now I'm back let me tell you about my new piece.

I had a triangular shaped cabochon of Ocean Jasper and so decided to go with another wired pendant. In common with other types of Jasper, the Ocean Jasper has a lot of natural patterning within the stone. In a colour that I can best describe as an orangy tan type of colour, there are a lot of amber coloured circles within the pattern, as can be seen quite clearly in the picture.

I therefore didn't want to distract too much away from the stone with my wiring. Having shaped the wire enough therefore to hold the stone securely in place, I just have three strands of wire, two twisted, sweeping across a section of the stone. I have fanned them slightly so that the stone is still clearly visible.

So, my latest design, my Sterling and Ocean Jasper Pendant.

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