Oct 27, 2009

Tree Agate Tumbled Stone Pendant

Sometimes it can be fun to use a tumbled uncut stone in a design rather than a nicely domed cabochon or cut gemstone - and that's what I've used in this pendant.

These uncut stones can be picked up quite cheaply since they haven't been cut to show off the gemstone at its best, but the very irregularity of the stones makes them interesting- and of course they are in a much more natural state.

This Tree Agate is a lovely stone, with a strong white background and clearly defined green markings and the stone proved to be a good shape to work with.

I wire wrapped the stone in sterling silver with three strands of wire sweeping down the length of the stone and swirls of wire on top of the stone.

So - my Tree Agate Tumbled Stone Pendant.

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