Oct 18, 2009

Princess - Pink Charm Bracelet

I finally have some new pieces - not only made but also photographed! I will gradually share them, and the design with you over the next few days.

The first one I am going to share with you is "Princess" a pink charm bracelet.

I'm calling this a charm bracelet for want of a better term because there are no traditional 'charms' on it, but there are a great variety of different beads wire wrapped onto a charm bracelet chain.

I decided pink was always a popular colour and it was also a colour I had a great variety of beads in. I wanted to do a mixture of types of beads so I have included two different gemstones, Rhodonite, and another that is Ruby and Calcite combined. I have also included three different shades of fresh water pearls and four different shades of Swarovski crystals. The shades of the beads vary from a very pale pink, to fuchsia, to a more wine/purple colour. I wire wrapped each bead individually onto the chain thereby ensuring they are all well and truly secure. Finally, I had a lovely art deco toggle clasp that I decided would finish off the piece perfectly.

The number of beads used, 64 in total, ensures that this bracelet has a real lushness to it, and yet, because the beads are all quite small, the bracelet is surprisingly light to wear.

Finally the name, having already used pretty in pink, and pink passions, Princess seemed to fit well with the lushness of the bracelet as well as its pretty pink colour!

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