Jun 13, 2009

Aqua Waves Necklace

Having some beautiful Aquamarine rondells my first thought when coming to do something with them was the sea. The word aqua means water and the colour is a gorgeous soft blue so it was quite a logical thought. From my initial thought of the sea was the idea of waves, shaping some silver wire to represent the waves of the sea. From this my Aqua Waves necklace was born.

I made one central link, slightly longer than the rest, with the aquamarine threaded onto the silver, and then a series of wave links, alternating between aquamarine waves and plain silver waves, to form the rest of the necklace. The silver was hammered on either end of the aquamarine waves, and also on all the silver waves, which, without the gemstones, were able to be made more curvy.

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