Jun 25, 2009

No Holes! Part 2 - Cabachons Basic Designs

After setting a few uncut stones in wire, I decided to try my hand at wire wrapping cabochons. With one flat side and the other slightly domed these are much slimmer to work with than uncut stones and it took a while to get used to the different feel.

Again, I started out by following a tutorial, this time in a popular beading magazine, before I then went on to start playing around with the wires a bit more. For a lot of wire set cabochons the basic structure in the setting remains relatively the same, it is how the "excess" wire is used that can change the design.

After beginning with setting cabochons in pendants I moved onto earrings. I guess I must be doing something right with these as its only my most recently completed pendant that hasn't sold yet! I have also tried my hand at setting a cabochon in a bangle. This is one area where there is plenty of room for developing my skills so watch this space!


Vania said...

These creations of yours are MAGIC - love the cream ones especially! You are a master of your craft, no doubt - loving you jewellery here! Cheers Val xoxo

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful! I particularly love the earrings.


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