Jun 29, 2009

Monday Features

My first feature this week is Nun of a Kind. Nun of a Kind presents a particularly creative collection of "sisters". Stating that she has been involved with creating fabric items forever, the "Nun of a Kind" collection was born after having spent years creating other "folk"..Santas, Angels, Snowfolk, and other unique ornaments.

It was in creating a new ornament for a group of teachers, who had presented “Sister Act” with students at her son’s school that the character, “Sister Mary Christmas” was created. Inspiration also came from some of the influential people in life: the piano teacher, the nuns who taught music history and harmony at the local convent, and the nuns who taught in the Catholic schools in the area. Nun states that even though we associate nuns with “mystery”, and wonder about their daily lives, we know that they have to do all of the mundane things we all have to do in ours! They have interests, hobbies, and obligations similar to ours, making us true “

My second feature this week is Marie of Silk Art from Brazil. Marie states that she is a born artist - it just took her a few decades to realise it. A few years ago, Marie left behind a career as a marketing executive, moved to paradise and embraced her artistic side full-time. Marie has participated in several trade-shows, classes and workshops both in Brazil and US, and one of her works has been shown at the Visual Arts Center at the Washington Pavilion, South Dakota.

Marie now spends her time doing what she likes best, hand painting silk accessories and other arts. Each of her hand painted scarves is an original design and you are sure to find something just right for you when you visit her shop.

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SilkArtFromBrazil said...

Thank you so much! I am honored to be featured, specially right next to Nun of a Kind.


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