Jun 24, 2009

BrisStyle Team

Another Etsy team that I am a member of is the BrisStyle team. As with the Dust team mentioned in a previous post, this is an Australian team. However, this team is more specifically for Etsy sellers who live in the Brisbane region. The team describes itself as a cooperative group of artists, crafters and artisans all living in the Brisbane area.

One of the advantages of a local team is the ability to meet up with each other and therefore to encourage each other on a more personal level. Another big advantage is the ability to collaborate together on ventures that will help to get both our names and the name of Etsy out to the general public.

One such venture is the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market. Having held a successful first market in December the BrisStyle team will be holding their next market on Saturday 4th July. I was unable to take part in the December market as it clashed with a previous commitment so I am especially looking forward to participating in this one.

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