Jun 2, 2009

Viking Weave

Two years ago I did a short class at a local craft show that was teaching Viking Weave (or knit). The class taught how the viking weave could be made by working around a mandrel. After the chain is complete it is then drawn down through a draw plate using ever smaller holes to give you the completed chain.

One of the beauties of this weave is that it is so forgiving - drawing the chain down can potentially hide a multitude of errors - other than drawing it down too soon thus leaving you with a chain thats too short! At a pinch even that can be corrected but you wouldn't want to have to do that too often - the time I did it I ended up with massive blisters - not fun!

Viking Weave can be done in either single weave, to give you a lacy look, or double weave for a firmer more solid look - this tends to be the weave that I do. You can leave the chain as is, its actually a lovely chain in its own right, or you can add embellishments to it, for example sewing small beads into it. Either way - you can end up with some lovely looking pieces.


Studio618 said...

Beautiful! I thought about learning it too but then I didn't. Your weaving is so even!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Gorgeous! I had no idea it was called Viking weave but I have always admired pieces of it!


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