Jun 4, 2009

Chainmaille: One Weave, Many Variations

The Byzantine weave is one of the easiest weaves to learn, and one I teach in beginners classes, and yet it is a weave that can look really impressive when complete.

Although Byzantine is essentially one unit of 14 rings this is not obvious when making a straight Byzantine chain as all the units are not made individually, rather they are created as part of a continual chain.

However, as the title of this post suggests, Byzantine is a weave that has many variations, and it is in the variations that the single Byzantine link can be more easily seen.

Byzantine lace has the Byzantine link joined both top and tail, and in the middle to larger rings, Olivia has the links joined side by side, Romanov has two links joined top and tail together with a bead between them while Byzantine Waves sees the links being both extended and shortened. There are many more variations of the Byzantine weave, not to mention the adaptations!

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