Jun 6, 2009

Regency Drops

Using the wire wrapping techniques that I learned when making wire wrapped bangles, I have adapted these techniques and used them in designing earrings too.

My most recently listed pair of earrings using this wire wrapping technique is my "Regency Drops". A bead of the manufactured stone Bluestone, with its gorgeous deep blue colour and silver glitter has been wire wrapped with the outer wires outlining the stone. The outer wires have then been used to create spirals on each side of the stone. The inner wire, on which the bluestone is threaded has then been used to connect to the ear wire at the top of the earring and to create a loop for the attached dangle at the bottom of the earring. The dangle is a silver coloured Swarovski pearl.

The design of these earrings, especially once I added the pearls, really made me think of the Regency era - hence the name.

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