Jun 27, 2009

No Holes! Part 3 - Cabochons Elaborate Designs

This is the third and final part on my mini series of working with stones and cabochons.

After working with some of the basic designs for wire setting cabochons I took on the challenge of a much more elaborate design. I had been eying a tutorial by Studio Heath for some time and decided to take the plunge. The tutorial was for a Wire Sculptured Pendant.

I followed the tutorial about two thirds of the way through and then kind of went my own way with the rest. Being out of work at the time I was able to work on the pendant for several hours at a time, and actually got quite obsessed with it! Finally I had my first wire sculptured pendant. Made with two cabochons, Jade and Paua Shell, this has easily become my favourite piece of jewellery and the piece I wear the most often.

Since the first pendant, I have made three more Wire Sculptured Pendant this time using my own designs from the beginning. With the second pendant I just used the one cabochon of Blue Lace Agate and then added some flat lace agate beads, edging the lower half of the cabochon with Lapis Lazuli beads. My Pink Passions pendant used cabochons of Rhodonite and Rose Quartz, and my Exotica and Amethyst pendant uses cabochons of Exotica Jasper and of Amethyst.

1 comment:

Vania said...

Love your new pendants - so intricate! You have done an excellent job with them, learing and doing them from scratch, just beautiful. Cheers Val


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