Jun 23, 2009

No Holes! Part 1 - Tumbled Uncut Stones

When I first started out making jewellery I always thought in terms of beads. Whether it was stringing, wire working or even chainmaille that the beads were added to, they were still beads. Now don't get me wrong, there are beautiful beads out there and I love working with them, from artisan lampwork beads to gemstones to Swarovski crystals, when it comes to beads I am spoilt for choice! Of course, there is one thing all beads have in common - holes!

As I gradually started to develop my wire working skills my challenge to myself became, as the title of this post suggests, working without holes! There are some lovely tumbled uncut stones to work with, there are even more cut cabochon gemstones to work with, and as glass fusing becomes ever more popular so there are also plenty of fused glass cabochons to work with.

I began with uncut tumbled gemstones and, with my instruction book in hand (in this case Jewellery Design by James Llewellyn) I started learning to wire wrap them. After learning the basics I then started to play a bit more. With the unpredictable and potentially unusual shape of uncut stones it is fun to see what I can make of them!


Mary(Little Brown Bird/All Up In My Kitchen) said...

Gorgeous pendants! I especially like that top one. So beautiful!

JessicaVanDen said...

Lovely work, Sharon! It can be a real challenge :D

innerearthsoaps said...

I like the one in the "cage". Lovely work.

DELiciousDesignz said...

They are stunning. I love the cage like one too. They would make nice earrings.


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