Aug 16, 2009

Apatite and Aventurine Necklace

Its a while since I last made a necklace of straight wrapped loop links and the decision to make a couple actually came from my desire to create while sitting at my market stall. I wanted something that was relatively easy to make and that didn't involve transporting my entire bead collection down to the market with me. It also came out of the fact that my wire collection is practically depleted so I had very little choice left about what to work with!

Having said all that, link necklaces are always popular and can, depending on the choice of beads, look really great.

This is the second necklace I made but the first I have listed.

For this necklace I wanted to use some apatite nugget beads that I have had for a while now, having first used them to create a wired bangle, long since sold. I wanted to match them up with another gemstone and after going through my collection decided that my twisted aventurine beads would look great with the apatite. The apatite is a petrol blue and this is really enhanced by the strong green colour of the aventurine.

I wanted to add a bit of sparkle so included some Swarovski crystals in pale blue and jet, deciding that these worked best with the colours I already had. Finally I added a few Swarovski pearls in silver.

And so you have it, a necklace created whilst sitting at my market stall - my Apatite and Aventurine Necklace.

1 comment:

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Beautiful work! I love the colors you chose and the crystals.



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