Aug 22, 2009

Tourmaline and Sterling Pendant

One of my first ever sales on Etsy was of a Tourmaline Pendant. Tourmaline is a lovely stone in varying shades of pink and green. I decided I would like to make another pendant with the Tourmaline.

With my last piece of 18g wire (or it was until I received my wire order already blogged about) I made a tear drop shape with a loop at the top to hang the pendant with.

I then started to wire wrap the pendant using some 26g wire. I decided to wrap in such a way so that the shape of the teardrop was "filled" with the sterling wire rather than just to wrap around the edge. At varying intervals I then wired in the tourmaline nuggets. The wire wrapping was all done in such a way so that the Tourmaline nuggets stand out from the pendant and sit on top of the wire backdrop. This really sets them off beautifully.

So - my Tourmaline and Sterling Pendant.


Studio618 said...

Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones too. Great job there.

Sandrine said...

Lovely pendant Sharon it is nice to read about the creative process too;)


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