Aug 17, 2009

Monday Features

My first feature this week is on Jean and her shop 3Squares. Visit 3Squares and you will begin to wonder if you are in a jewelry shop or a restaurant! Jean describes her two passions as jewelry making and cooking and this is reflected in her jewelry product list that reads like a menu - With names like Cinnamon Streusel and Fettuccine with Clam Sauce, you will be drooling before you even begin looking at the jewelry itself!

Jean's jewelry is crafted from a mixture of metals in many forms and with a variety of finishes. Found objects are sometimes incorporated as well. She is mostly self-taught, and continues to explore new materials and techniques. Jean states that her goal is to offer an eclectic menu of unique and interesting pieces you will enjoy wearing or giving.

The current "in piece" at 3Squares is a necklace designed especially to hold moo cards - and what a fantastic way to display them!

My second feature of the day is Krystal of MonkeyBuns. Krystal cites her son as her biggest inspiration and her shop name is her son's nickname.

When I think of Monkeybuns the first thing that always springs to mind are the gorgeous beaded cuffs that Krystal makes - and believe me there is a staggering range to choose from! It is by no means the only thing that Krystal makes just the one that immediately springs to mind.

Krystal states that jewelry to her is like taking a piece of her soul and transforming it into functional art. Evey piece she makes represents a piece of her life. Krystal likes to explore her creativity and is working on new things all the time.


Vandiva said...

I love 3square's awesome metalsmithing creations, and MonkeyBuns' intricate, must-take-forever-to-make beadweaving designs. Both are extremely talented artists.

OV Gillies said...

I love work from both - each is absolutely amazing at what they do!

michele said...

Definitely both are very talented and make very unique and pretty jewelry!!

Beadsme said...

3S Moo card necklace is awesome and Buns has so much patience when creating her cuffs.

3 squares said...

i LOVE monkeybuns!! her work is amazing. thanks so much for the lovely feature.

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Lovely shops. They both make fantastic items.


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