Aug 26, 2009

Ipswich - Version 1 - Queensland, Australia

I thought I would do a short series over the next 3 or so weeks showcasing Sellers based in Ipswich - the twist being that each week I will pick not only a different seller but a different Ipswich!

Since I myself am based in Ipswich in Queensland Australia this seemed like the obvious Ipswich to start with.

Using the "Shop Local" feature on Etsy I have searched to find other sellers based in my city - and there are a few. However, I couldn't go past the seller I have chosen to feature this week - OpalEndeavours. Not only do they link in with my craft, but they sell my favourite gemstone - Opals!

OpalEndeavours mine and process Queensland Boulder Opal. They have loose opals, both drilled and undrilled as well as some made up pieces on sterling silver omega necklets. So pop on over and discover the beauty of opals and this great shop for yourself.

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