Aug 19, 2009

My Idea of Shopping! Part 1

As a jewelry designer, one of the things I discovered very quickly was just how exciting it was to go shopping online for materials - a wealth of materials at your fingertips! Of course, I also discovered how easy it was to go online to buy one thing that I needed only to end up buying so much more. I have to say though, no matter how exciting it is to shop online - the real excitement comes when the parcel arrives!

With the direction I have taken with my jewelry design the two types of materials I use the most are wire and gemstones. This "Part 1" is all about the wire!

As someone who works very predominantly with wire, whether it be wire coiled and made into rings for my chainmaille, or wire used as is for wirework, I find I get through my wire supplies pretty quickly - and believe me, there is nothing worse than running out!

For the last couple of weeks I have been scraping the barrel for pieces of wire to work with - so I was very excited when my latest parcel arrived yesterday.

So, as you can see from the below picture - I am now in the wire! Shopping - don't you just love it!


Elizabeth M.D said...

I completly agree with you. I LOVE shopping online for my supplies (mostly beads,gemstones and wire too) but the parcels that come in the mail are the absolute EXCITEMENT. It's like christmas but BETTER LOL.

I would really love to know where you get your supplies though! Amazing finds!

Nun of a Kind! said...

Seeing your "stash" of wire makes me feel better about the bags of yarn that I bought this week.....and the fabric.....and the books....but nothing does compare to getting those packages in the mail!

Marlier Designs said...

Oooooooh Sharon that is a very nice stash of wire you have!!!!


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