Aug 13, 2009

Hydrangea Bangle

One type of bead I love working with are artisan lampwork beads. For this design I had a gorgeous set of lampwork beads entitled "Hydrangea" by Jennifer Zeiger that I purchased off Etsy.

The beads worked so well together as a set that I decided to leave them as they were and create a nice simple design that would really showcase them.

I had already made a couple of double wrapped wire beads ready to use and so decided that these would work perfectly with the lampwork beads on a simple bangle. They create great texture in a design but don't distract from the main feature.

The beads as a set worked out just perfectly to sit across the back of the wrist and the bangle is shaped in an oval. This not only works with the natural shape of a wrist but also helps to ensure the bangle won't spin round leaving the beads hidden under your wrist.

And so here it is - my Hydrangea Bangle.

1 comment:

Sandrine said...

Very nice work Sharon!


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