Aug 27, 2009

Busman's Holiday?

You know how they always say that a gardener's backyard is the worst kept in the block, how the chef never cooks at home etc.? Well I'm an accountant in my day job and guess what? I'm so disorganised with looking after my finances at home, both household and my jewellery business.

We recently had our tax year end and I had three months worth of jewellery business finances to catch up on before I could do my final accounts and submit my tax return.

I also often have a build up of pieces that I have completed but that I haven't got round to costing up. Too much like a chore!

I guess being organised, deadline driven, thorough, etc., etc. in my day job I just want to forget all that back at home and let my creative side have its turn!

So come on, fess up, who else is totally disorganised when it comes to the 'business' side of their business?

1 comment:

TJC said...

That would have to be me except I had 2 years worth to catch up on.


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