Aug 23, 2009

Tutorials on the Web

As with any other craft, jewelry making has to be learnt. When I first started out I devoured beading magazines and books, and I still keep an eye on what is available. However, for me, one of the biggest resources for learning my craft was the Internet.

The Internet not only provides many tutorials instantly available, but what is even better, many of the tutorials are free! I learnt nearly all of the chainmaille weaves that I know from free tutorials on the web, and even though there were a couple I ended up paying for, at least on the web you are paying for exactly what you want, as opposed to a book and magazine where you may not be interested in half of what is in there.

Having benefited so much from some of these sites, I thought I would a few of them with you!

1 comment:

GrandmaMarilyns said...

I will leave the chainmaille to you and others that can do it, Shaz. I will just admire the beautiful work you do.


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