Aug 25, 2009

Silver Hearts Bangle

Just relisted in my Etsy store is my Silver Hearts Bangle. One of my regular "pick-up pieces" at the markets this bangle was my first venture into using patterned wire.

Having seen the patterned wire when trawling through my Rio catalogues it sparked my interest and I wanted to "play" with it. Once I got my wire I realised it would work really well in a bangle, wire wrapped between strips of square wire.

However, when I first started to work with the wire the first thing I realised was I had a major deficiency in my tool collection - a saw! It took much pressing in with wire cutters and back and forth manipulating with the wire before I was able to "cut" it - or to be more accurate "snap" it.

Having got through this hurdle I was able to press in with my design. I shaped the outer wires to form both the hook and the eye of the clasp and then wire wrapped all the wires together with some half round wire.

So, with the pattern in the wire being a hearts design - my Silver Hearts Bangle.

1 comment:

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I can see why this is a popular item. Very lovely piece!



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