Aug 12, 2009

Brisbane Beading Buddies

For me, one of the best things that has come out of joining the Beading Forum is meeting and making friends with a great bunch of like minded ladies all living in the Brisbane (ish) area. I have been meeting up with them on a regular basis now for over two years.

When I first started meeting up with my beading buddies there were maybe half a dozen of us who met on a regular basis with a few others coming intermittently. There are now more than double that number who meet up monthly and we have even had to change some of our venues to cope with the numbers.

Our meet ups are for a whole day of beading (jewellery making), chatting and eating - although its often debatable as to which takes priority as the tables are always full of plenty of nibblies!

We challenge each other, teach each other, make bulk buys together, but most of all we have fun!


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