Jul 29, 2009

Australian Beading Forum

The Beading Forum was the first forum that I ever joined and I was fortunate enough to discover it shortly after taking up jewellery making.

When it comes to beading or making jewellery this forum has something for everyone. When I first joined the forum the help I was given by other members of the forum was invaluable. Every time I was stuck on something or needed help about how to do something there were always plenty of members ready to give advice.

There is a great beading chat section where you can discuss all things beads, jewellery etc. to your hearts content with like minded people. There are specific sections for certain techniques - lampworking, clay, seed beads, chainmaille & wirework and metal work - no prizes for guessing which of those sections I contribute the most to!

There are also challenges, jewellery swaps, designer quests and group buys - enough to keep you going for a long time.

The other great thing about the forum is just how international it has become. Although hosted in Australia there are members from quite a few other countries with the USA and England very well represented.

I have been a member of the forum for over three years now, have met some great friends in local meet ups (more about that some other time) and can honestly say that I would have serious withdrawal symptoms if it should ever disappear.

So if you are into all things beads or jewellery - why not pop over and take a look for yourself!

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