Jul 23, 2009

Lapis Lazuli Daisy Chain

My Lapis Lazuli Daisy Chain chainmaille necklace, just relisted on Etsy, was the first piece I ever entered in a design competition.

The main rule of the competition was that you had to purchase a pack from one or other of several sponsors. I purchased a pack that consisted of a string of Lapis Lazuli beads as well as two laser cut sterling silver beads. The lapis beads were quite small so I realised that if I was going to use chainmaille which was my preference, then I had to use a delicate weave. I had seen the Daisy Chain weave and realised that this fitted with what I was looking for. What really clinched this choice of weave was a silver toggle in a flower design that would fit in with the concept perfectly.

With the flower toggle being much too nice to hide at the back of the neck, as most necklace clasps are, I decided to make the toggle a feature at the front of the necklace. With the laser cut silver beads so much larger than the lapis beads I decided to use them to link to the toggle. I then used large sterling rings to create "daisies" on either side of these silver beads. The rest of the chain then consists of daisies made with smaller rings, linked by the Lapis beads.

The Daisy chain necklace didn't get anywhere in the competition, but, as we all know, design competitions are so subjective anyway - the main thing is that I was really pleased with the resulting necklace.

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