Jul 7, 2009

Market Display

I remembered to take my camera to the market on Sunday so thought I would share pictures of my market display table.

The first picture below shows the overall table from further back. It also gives me a chance to show off my nice new table cloths. These were made for me by a fellow BrisStylette, Gaynor of CreateandbeHappy. The white cloth is a fitted cloth that reaches to the ground on all four sides of the table. Being fitted there is no problem with the wind! The over cloth in black is made from crushed velvet and makes a great display for all my sterling silver jewellery. There are weights at intervals along the hem to prevent it blowing up in the wind.

The next three photos are taken closer up and give a sweep around the table. The earring display I commissioned as I wanted something for earrings that would be capable of displaying "shoulder dusters" - most displays for earrings aren't. I am also very happy with my new bracelet displays that I've just bought to replace my original T Bar displays - these not only display the bracelets better but they are also more customer friendly.

I've also done my bit for recycling - the raised squares displaying my copper jewellery on either side of the table are old computer monitor stands - I got them for $1 from a shop that sells recycled materials.


planettreasures said...

Your display looks great!
the black cloths set everthing off perfectly.
Did you have a good day?

Vania said...

Looks excellent - I hope you had heaps of sales!

Made by SwirlyGirl said...

Good job! Visually interesting and it makes me want to come look at your table!

ZudaGay said...

It looks wonderful!! Well done! Elegant, interesting and of course, beautiful jewelry!!

Art of the Firebird said...

Very nice! Elegant, and just the right amount of work out for view.

Helen said...

So lucky to be able to see your fab new display up close! These pics really are stunning - just like your jewellery.

Thanks so much for the company on Sunday Sharon - looking forward to our next big day out this Sunday at Portside - see you there!



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