Jul 25, 2009

New Design - Tornado Earrings

I decided that I needed a few more pairs of earrings for my store. Ironic really, it was my love of earrings that got me into jewellery designing in the first place and now I don't seem to make that many compared to other things!

Anyway, I decided that it would be fun to make a coil and then pull it apart, or maybe I should say "lengthen" it since I don't literally mean to pull it apart. I then decided to make the coil around my pliers to create more of a cone effect rather than having the coil the same width all the way down.

So, I had my two cone shaped coils, and I started to stretch them, separating the individual coils from each other. A couple of separate twists created a slightly widening effect just below the top. I decided I didn't want the coils spread too evenly, thus creating more of a tornado effect, hence the name.

The outcome couldn't have been too bad since the original pair I designed were stolen off my market stall the very next day after I had created them before I'd even taken a picture. Still I decided it was a design worth repeating, and no doubt will do so again.

And here they are - my Tornado Earrings!

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