Jul 9, 2009

Medieval Onyx and Pearl Chainmaille Necklace

Occasionally (when I have the time) I participate in challenges run through the Beading Forum that I am a member of. One challenge that I participated in was run in the Wirework/Chainmaille section of the forum and the theme was "Medieval".

Although chainmaille was generally used for amour rather than for jewellery in medieval times I decided to use chainmaille in my design - at least the technique is medieval! After studying pictures of medieval jewelry I noted that not only did designs tend to be quite elaborate but I also noticed that pearls were used a lot. This then was the basis on which I centred my design.

Medieval jewellery frequently had a central focal piece so I wire wrapped a glossy stone of Onyx in sterling silver as my focal. I then created a chain of 6 in 1 European weave as the main chain for the necklace and suspended the wrapped onyx from it. Lastly, using cream coloured Swarovski pearls, I created some pearl strands to suspend from, and create loops with the base chain.

And so my Medieval Onyx and Pearl Chainmaille necklace was born!


Canadian Rockies Art - Nathalie Girard said...

What a beauty! Really gorgeous - Well done!

Nathalie :)

Metalicious said...

Shazz, this is gorgeous!


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