Jul 27, 2009

Monday Features

If you want to rediscover your girlhood fantasies and re-explore the world of dress-up then look no further than Meagan's shop Kaedankrafts. Meagan, a single mum of three kids, loves to create wonderful things for babies, children, teens and for anyone in between - but what really stands out in this shop is that Meagan creates the most gorgeous women's tutu skirts, perfect for when you want to feel like a princess!

Meagan states that as a mother to a toddler, she has embraced her inner princess and fairy all in one. Now she thinks that every single woman should embrace their inner princess and wear a tutu around the house, out to the store, a party or anywhere they please.

With such a gorgeous selection to choose from why should it just be little girls who have all the fun of dress-up - embrace your inner childhood and indulge your fantasies!

Christine, a fellow Queenslander is the crafter behind LittleDivaCrafts. As a mother to three young children Christine started out creating for her own kids.

Now she loves buying fabrics from all over the world and creating gorgeous toys, clothes and accessories for not only her three little cherubs but for yours too...

Christine states that sewing, designing and creating is her outlet and her sanity!

Take a peep into her store and look at some of the gorgeous girls' dresses she has on offer, as well as the super cute Snigglebottom family!

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