Jul 13, 2009

Monday Features

For my features today I have chosen two, out of the many Dust team members, who will be participating in the Dust team "Christmas in July" promotion - more about that later in the week.

My first feature is Deborah of Unique Dichroic. Deborah is a West Australian Glass Artist and loves freely hand etching dichroic glass. Deborah states that even though she has been working with it for many years now she still finds herself passionate about glass..and colours and new designs float through her dreams.

When you visit Unique Dichroic I can guarantee you will be spoilt for choice with the fabulous selection of pendants that Deborah has on offer.

My second feature is Tamara of Tamara Designs. Tamara has been creative for as long as she can remember, trying her hand at many different arts and crafts. However, it was a year spent in Denmark that opened her eyes to the endless possibilities of paper cutting, which the Danes call papirklipning. Tamara states that this is a craft that takes great concentration, precision and a steady hand because a simple slip can ruin hours of work - but she thinks the reward of a handmade paper cut makes it all worthwhile.

Looking at the incredible designs in Tamara's shop I would have to say that her concentration and steady hand have paid off!

1 comment:

UniqueDichroic said...

Oh Thanks SO much for featuring my etsy shop Sharon..
That's so nice of you :)


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