Jul 15, 2009

Christmas in July

Before I moved to Australia I had never heard of the concept of Christmas in July - after all - in England Christmas is held in the "traditional" cold weather. The roast turkey lunch, the chestnuts on the fire, the candles etc. all fit in with a cold Christmas. Trouble is, they don't work so well when it is 35 degrees! I must admit that even after nine years in Australia a hot Christmas still doesn't feel right. So, the Christmas in July concept, held in the middle of an Australian winter, makes sense to someone like me, and I would imagine to all the other northern hemisphere expats (presumably one of whom, started the whole thing off in the first place).

Now to the point of all this - to celebrate the Australian Christmas in July the Dust Team are having a big promotion over the weekend of the 25th-26th July. Not only will all participating stores be offering some form of promotion to their customers (whether it be discounts, free shipping, reverse auctions etc.) but the Dust team will also be running a promotional thread on Etsy with regular giveaways giving everyone the opportunity to win some fabulous handmade goodies from our talented Australian artisans.

Here is a quick preview of a few items from some of the many sellers who will be taking part:

1 comment:

Trish Goodfield said...

I have to admit its a concept that I never grasped. All that fluffing about twice a year?
Gives me the shudders.


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