Jul 14, 2009

DQ - Turquoise Crochet Necklace

Every three months or so the Beading Forum that I am a member of hosts a Designer Quest. What happens with these is that there are generally two packs of beads/supplies to choose from and everyone then has to make something with the contents of their pack. The idea is that you use as much of the pack as possible and add as little extra as possible.

One of the necklaces in my store is the end product of one of these Designer Quests - my Turquoise Crochet Necklace. The contents of the pack included three double holed turquoise beads, large holed gold toned beads, Czech fire polished beads, seed beads and cord.

Now, you only have to look at my store to realise that I am not a seed beader, however, I do crochet, in fact this was the craft I did before taking up jewellery, and a craft that I have since used in my jewellery. So, having cord and seed beads, the obvious choice for me was to do some bead crochet.

With the turquoise beads being so much larger than the rest of the beads I decided to make them the focal of the necklace. There were some lovely gold cubed beads with blue inserts that went nicely between the crochet beads, and I used the large holed beads to add some extra highlights on either side of the main turquoise focal. The seed beads and the Czech fire polished beads crocheted up nicely into three strands that were joined together to form the necklace.

And so you have it - my Designer Quest Turquoise Crocheted Necklace.


Snowbell Handmade Jewelry said...

Very cool necklace! I'm thinking crochet is the next thing i should learn but it scares me a bit....

Robin Hartman said...

It looks lovely and wild at the same time!

Angela Alvin said...

I love these colors! This Turquoise Jewelry necklace is really nice. I like the mix of crocheted cotton and beads.


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