Jul 1, 2009

Chainmaillers Guild

Another one of the Etsy street teams that I am a member of is the Chainmaillers Guild. This is a global street team, and as the name suggests, all the members of the team make chainmaille, whether its jewellery, or anything else for that matter. (Check out one of the recent posts on the team blog to see some amazing sculptured chainmaille dragons!)

As with the JET team, the main purpose of the team is to pool ideas and resources, to encourage each other, and in this teams case, to promote chainmaille! I would have to confess that I don't manage to spend as much time as I would like getting involved with this team, but I was able to benefit from the advice of other members when I was having problems cutting my rings with my Koil Cutter.

The Chainmaillers Guild blog is always a good read and should help to give you a good idea about the wonderful varieties that can be created with chainmaille!

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tollykit said...

Excellent post and I love your work.


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