Jul 4, 2009

Market Observations

I'm late with my post today due to having an early start at the BrisStyle market this morning. I was going to share my display but as per usual I forgot my camera - maybe another time!

So instead I thought I'd share some observations in regards to the markets:

  1. The smaller the items you are selling the more display materials you will need (I have a big suitcase full).
  2. The more individual items you have the longer it takes you to set up, and pack up afterward.
  3. People will still ask you if you made everything even though the market is advertised as being hand made only.
  4. You have to keep re-arranging your display - people never put things back properly.
  5. What may be popular at one market won't even get looked at at the next.
  6. People are more likely to buy when they have friends to encourage them.
  7. People start asking questions about your product just when you've quickly popped away from your stall and have another stall holder keeping an eye on it for you.
  8. The more people standing at your stall the more other people are interested in looking.
  9. Its amazing how tiring it can be sitting (or standing) in one spot for several hours smiling at people and talking about your product.
  10. Stall holders at Designer/Handmade markets are a great bunch of people!
I would love to see your comments on my list, and would especially love it if you have any of your own to add.


FELT 4U said...

A great idea to share your ideas. Markets appear to have universally similar customer behaviour. Look, touch, say something,pick another, say something , walk away, comeback and maybe repeat the scenario and suddendly at the last minute as you are packing up they want to buy :))

Studio618 said...

I think all your observations are spot on, although I haven't noticed about buying when friends encourage. Will be more observant next time. Yeah, if a friend or 2 comes by, I usually beg them to stay longer so it makes my booth look busy. And I tell them to pose as shoppers so I can take a few booth shots for future show apps. :)


Jane said...

Be prepared to swap w/other vendors! I have been to many shows w/very few people & I always love to check out the other vendors. So I usually have an item of 2 that I want & will buy after I sell some items. To my surprise, many vendors will partake in an even exchange... I have acquired many items at craft shows from other vendors w/out paying a cent by exchanging items of mutual price!


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